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Tinus Oosthuizen Managing Director

 Tinus Oosthuizen

Tinus Oosthuizen is Managing Director of DataTegra (Pty) LTD. Mr. Oosthuizen is an accomplished IT Services executive with a decade of experience in distribution, consulting and IT security services. Through the the vast knowledge that Mr. Oosthuizen gained from the distribution sector, Mr Oosthuizen discovered a large gap between distributor and end user, this discovery led to a dream and
the realisation of DataTegra in 2009.

Mr. Oosthuizen focused resources and knowledge into the sales division expanding the size of sales resulting in growth opportunities in the IT industry which also led to the opening of DataTegra technical division in 2012.  The forsight and vision of Mr. Oosthuizen helped reshape the company and offer an all in one solution to help better serve the clients.

Under Mr. Oosthuizen's leadership, DataTegra emerged stronger, with further divisions opening and DataTegra experiance growth year on year.

Mr Oosthuizen is also part of the Executive Board for DT Networks (Pty) LTD and Waterfilt Purifications (Pty) LTD.

Carmen Hull Sales Director

Carmen Hull

As Sales Director of DataTegra (Pty) LTD, Miss Carmen Hull is responsible for DataTegra's global sales, which includes all Network Security, Content Security, Access and Threat Defense products. Miss Hull is also responsible for driving the company's cross sales and product integrations.
Prior to joining DataTegra in 2011, Miss Hull served as Senior Sales Executive at Security Software resellers, where Miss Hull led the sales teams and personally set new heights to all sales targets set.
Under the leadership of Miss Hull, DataTegra sales division has and still is achieving new heights with commitment on growth and focused results.

Miss Hull is also part of the Executive Board for DT Networks (Pty) LTD and Waterfilt Purifications (Pty) LTD.

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