Project Planning / Management

Project management is becoming increasingly important. In the past, project management consisted mainly of collecting metrics and project data for evaluation, then making adjustments in order to increase productivity and efficiency. With the rapid proliferation of technology, the importance of project management has increased exponentially in terms of the tasks required, as well as the knowledge necessary to perform these tasks.

DataTegra provides you with comprehensive project management services, including project planning, performance monitoring and consultations. These are integrated to implement successful projects. We believe in giving you a cost effective, efficient service whilst seeing to your overall needs in terms of their systems and processes.

DataTegra uses Project Planning as a discipline for stating how to complete a project within a certain timeframe, usually with defined stages, and with designated resources. Project Planning and Management can be divided into the following:

Setting objectives
Identifying deliverables
Planning the schedule
Making supporting plans

DataTegra focuses on computer hardware and software project planning. We look at your business with a holistic approach; focus on your goals and the best process to follow through to those goals.

We also offer a customized approach where our consultants will gladly work with your business for specific projects and move your business towards your goals and objectives.


At DataTegra we offer professional sales and account managers that are constantly trained and updated, covering a vast area of business in global IT and technology markets. Call us!
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