Vendor Training

DataTegra have well-established relationships with many vendors throughout the country. Some of these vendors are Kaspersky, Trend Micro and Sonicwall, to name a few. 

A complement to this is training that vendor’s offer. We offer training on behalf of our vendors that occur on a quarterly basis. We believe that training of this stature provides your business with technological edge and gives an advanced understanding of the industry and exactly how your business can maximize benefits from it. 

To find out more about vendor training and how you can benefit from this, speak to one of our consultants today. We will gladly assist with informing you about the training in more detail, as well as dates and what our vendors can offer to improve the IT infrastructure of your business. 

This is just one of the complementary services we offer as part of our “Total – IT” practice at DataTegra.


DataTegra has Gold and Silver Status with several world-class leading vendors such as Sonicwall, Barracuda, GFI, Kaspersky, Trend, Symantec and many others.
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