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At DataTegra we provide all data solutions including aspects such as bandwidth, 3G and ADSL. Data solutions, also known as bandwidth, can be connected in several ways thanks to the latest technology available to us. This can be connected via dish, which is available in the most remote locations, as it does not require a phone line. This is just one of the many options we can assist your business with.

We also provide you with encryption, which assists with the protection of data, covering the entire networking setup from end to end.

DataTegra takes security to the next level with Data Leakage Prevention. This oversees servers and networks for any data that may be leaked which may occur due to removable media being used such as flash drives. With a concise and stable approach to leakage, DataTegra will be able to prevent your business from any leakages and follow up with any issues in the quickest, most effective manner possible.

We integrate the above components to ensure that all clients are seen to and protected at all times, giving you a hassle-free organization to run. Let us consult you with the best options for your business today!

Data Solutions include the following:

• Load Balancing
• Link Balancing
• Reporting 
• Quality of Service
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