Specialised Solutions

With our specialized product range we are able to provide solutions to help small, medium and enterprises to assure security, availability, and integrity of your information and network infrastructure.

Network access control is a vital component of our offerings. This authenticates users logging into the network and determines what they have access to. This also examines the health level of the users’ endpoint, e.g. computer or mobile device. The most effective aspect of NAC is that it can be implemented with multiple software components.

DataTegra uses Network Security Audits, a data security software tool that assists with monitoring your business’s network security performance. Network security audits looks at two broad categories of information, the first being static data including firewall definitions and password rules. The other deals with activities that have taken place. Access to databases, transfer of files, and when and where your users have logged on are just some of the more common items viewed in the network security audit.

Our team undergoes network assessments as well as monitors network vulnerability for the safety of your business. With our maintenance programs, we will be able to keep your systems protected at all times
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