Application Security

Your Web applications are at the heart of your business – they hold your intellectual property, drive your sales, and keep the trust of your customers. But here’s the problem – they’re fast becoming the preferred attack vector of hackers.
And, with the persistent nature of today’s attacks, applications can easily be compromised when security is not considered and scoped into each phase of the software development life cycle – from design to development to testing and ongoing maintenance. When you take a holistic approach to your application security, you greatly enhance your ability to produce and manage stable, secure applications.
With training and testing from the leading team of ethical hackers, Trustwave SpiderLabs, we can help you plan, test, build and run smarter, safer applications.

Data Security

For every business challenged by increasingly complex threats, Trustwave’s award-winning data security solutions keep it simple so you can keep growing. With Trustwave Data Security offerings you gain total content protection and control throughout your entire enterprise – from the desktop to the network perimeter – and for your data at rest and in motion.
When you choose Trustwave to protect your data, you get superior quality and advanced expertise. Plus, you gain a unique advantage with an offering that is part of our unified security approach, which allows layered security products to share intelligence and events that uncover threats that single, point products miss.
Experience the Trustwave Data Security advantage:
• Simplified Protection – our solutions deliver superior usability and automation to simplify and streamline your data security process
• Ensure Compliance – quickly become compliant with regulations, such as, PCI, HIPAA, SOX, and others.
• Superior Security – our patented technology provides the most advanced detection and protection of your intellectual property

Email Security

Trustwave email security solutions provide productive and efficient email use while ensuring compliance and eliminating malware risks.
• Superior Protection – SpiderLabs’ advanced research and intelligence serves as the backbone of our email security solutions.
• Ensure Compliance – Quickly become compliant with regulations, such as, PCI, HIPAA, SOX and others.
• Simplified Email Security – Trustwave makes email security simple, so you focus growing your business.
While spam and junk mail volumes have declined, mail containing viruses and malicious executables have nearly doubled year over year. In fact, according to recent Trustwave research, the interception of executable files via email has almost doubled every year since 2008.
At Trustwave, we understand email is a business-critical application, and you need proactive, real-time protection without the complexities commonplace in other security solutions.
A critical component of Trustwave’s Unified Security approach, our email security solutions enable productive and efficient email use while ensuring compliance and eliminating malware risks and data loss.

Network Security

Complete and flexible protection for your network.
When it comes to network security, Trustwave provides the superior usability, flexibility and expertise you need to ensure you’re protected from the latest threats and in control of who gets to access what data.  All Network Security products are available as self-managed devices or as a managed security service.
Experience the Trustwave Network Security advantage:
• Unmatched Flexibility – whether you choose a self-managed or managed service option, you have the flexibility to easily transition to another model as your business needs change
• Simplified Security – we make network security management simple, so you can get back to what should be your focus: growing your business
• Superior Protection – SpiderLabs’SM advanced research, intelligence and development serves as the backbone of our network security solutions and services

Web Security

• Superior Protection – SpiderLabs advanced research and intelligence serves as the backbone of our Web security solutions.
• Unmatched Flexibility – We offer flexible deployment options that provide security for remote, mobile and on-premises users.
• Simplified Security – Trustwave makes Web security simple, so you can focus on growing your business.
Over 90% of all malware is delivered through the Web, and 60% of malicious URLs pass undetected through most Web security solutions. With numbers like this, it’s understandable so many organizations have avoided the innovations introduced in Web 2.0.
That is, until now. With Trustwave Web Security solutions you can embrace Web 2.0 with the confidence that your organization is secure. Our Web security offerings deliver the most advanced protection from next-generation threats and the most flexible deployment options in the industry.
A critical component of Trustwave’s Unified Security approach, our Web security solutions enable safe, productive access to Web 2.0 and social media while ensuring compliance, minimizing data loss, and eliminating malware risks.

Trustwave DataControl

Trustwave’s DataControl integrates Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Discover and Encryption (ENC) Smart Tag™ technology to enable companies to discover and protect sensitive data within their organization.
Losing control of sensitive information can lead to fines, damage to brand and reputation, loss of competitive advantage, and expensive breach notification costs. Organizations are turning to data loss prevention (DLP) solutions to locate sensitive information in order to prevent it from leaving their environments or to ensure it is protected.

Trustwave Data Loss Prevention

Trustwave’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Solution is a content control solution designed to monitor and prevent data loss across your network.
Complete security begins with a comprehensive platform. The Trustwave DLP solutions—Monitor, Protect and Discover—provide total content control throughout the entire enterprise from the desktop to the network perimeter. This integrated and scalable platform is comprised of these solutions for maximum protection over your valuable information assets.

Trustwave MyIdentity

Trustwave MyIdentity is an on-demand replacement for traditional token-based authentication systems at a fraction of the cost, offering anytime, anywhere authentication support.
For more than 20 years, hardware-based tokens have been the standard for secure two-factor authentication solutions. Unfortunately, these traditional solutions require an organization to spend a significant amount of time and money issuing and managing tokens for employees with remote access via a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Trustwave MyIdentity is a two-factor authentication solution that combines cloud-based delivery and self-service administration with flexible authentication methods. With low, per user fees, MyIdentity is easy to provision and inexpensive to maintain, supporting any use case including: network or application authentication from the corporate desktop, remote locations, employee laptops and mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Trustwave Secure Email Gateway

Protecting your organization’s email environment against spam and malware while managing complex compliance policies and preventing confidential data leakage can be a daunting challenge. Trustwave Secure Email Gateway (SEG) achieves all this within a single solution that meets the scalability, flexibility, and centralized management needs of even the largest enterprises. Trustwave SEG provides true email security for organizations of all sizes.

Trustwave Secure Web Gateway

Trustwave Secure Web Gateway is the only solution that protects against next-generation threats in real time. By accurately detecting new and targeted attacks, it virtually eliminates over- and under-blocking and enables users to access the Internet safely and productively. With the most flexible deployment options in the industry, it fits into existing infrastructures easily while providing full security coverage to every user, regardless of connection or location.

Trustwave Security Reporter

The centrally managed Security Reporter (SR) integrates with the WFR and/or the SWG to manage and store large volumes of data quickly without impacting performance. Whether deployed as a traditional appliance, virtual appliance or both, the SR enables organizations to prove compliance, manage productivity and demonstrate the value of their IT security investment easily.

Trustwave WebMarshal

WebMarshal is a Secure Web Gateway –a comprehensive solution which addresses the many requirements and issues that arise in managing Internet use. In a Web 2.0 world, organizations and employees are increasingly reliant on Internet access for business, education and work/life balance. Yet in terms of security and data protection Web 2.0 has created an unprecedented risk environment with new threats and vulnerabilities. WebMarshal is the answer to managing and securing Internet use for any size organization
Trustwave Web Filtering and Reporting Suite
The award-winning Trustwave Web Filtering and Reporting Suite (WFR) helps organizations enforce AUPs and comply with regulations easily. Known for its fast performance and multi-tiered administration capabilities, the Trustwave WFR sits outside the flow of network traffic to quickly and accurately filter millions of websites in 100+ categories—without impacting bandwidth or productivity. This best-of-breed, appliance-based solution integrates Internet filtering, detailed forensic and executive reporting, and real-time monitoring of Web traffic and bandwidth use. It delivers reliability, unmatched scalability, and ease-of-use in one affordable solution.

Trustwave Encryption

Trustwave Encryption enables organizations to prevent costly data breaches, enhance DLP solutions, comply with regulations and protect sensitive data-all in one integrated product.
Because data doesn’t stay in one place, Trustwave Encryption protects data wherever it goes – even at its most vulnerable points. Trustwave provides the most comprehensive data protection available wit integrated full disk encryption and persistent file encryption, powered by Trustwave’s proprietary Smart Tag technology, which protects data wherever it resides. Since it all comes in one simple, integrated solution, organizations get more data protection for less money and without complicating the data security infrastructure.

Trustwave Managed Encryption

Trustwave Managed Encryption (ENC) provides the highest levels of data protection in a cost-effective, integrated encryption solution.
Strict state, industry and federal data privacy regulations apply to businesses of all sizes, not just those with Fortune 500 data security budgets. Trustwave Managed Encryption is a simple, cost-effective data protection solution designed specifically for small and medium sized businesses. It helps you comply with tough data privacy laws without the cost and overhead of traditional encryption solutions.

Trustwave Network Access Control

For the fastest path to help secure the network, Trustwave now offers a plug-and-play NAC option, consisting of a single, easy-to-deploy appliance that performs full-cycle NAC. Simply plug the appliance into a network switch, configure basic settings through an intuitive interface and immediately see the risk profile of every endpoint connected to your network. When you decide to enforce policies based on those profiles, it’s a simple click of the mouse. No network redesign or integration is required, and you don’t need to install any endpoint software. It’s plug-and-play NAC from Trustwave and you won’t find a solution like it anywhere else.

Trustwave SIEM Solutions

Trustwave Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions provide a wide range of effective, efficient logging, logging and event management, threat management, and incident response information.
Trustwave features a low total cost of ownership across our SIEM solutions. As organizations add more data sources or evolve risk management policies, our SIEM solutions can be configured to meet those demands. Trustwave’s industry-recognized security expertise features in the extensive compliance reporting, metrics and correlations of our SIEM solutions, to the insight offered by our Technical Assistance Center (TAC), Security Operations Center (SOC), and professional services staff.

Trustwave SpiderLabs

SpiderLabs is Trustwave’s elite security team focused on application security, incident response, penetration testing, physical security and security research — including anti-malware and threat intelligence.
• Thousands of organizations depend on SpiderLabs to detect vulnerabilities, address gaps in security and remediate issues
• SpiderLabs has performed more than 1,500 incident and forensic investigations and more than 15,000 penetration and application security tests in over 50 countries globally
• SpiderLabs publishes the annual Trustwave Global Security Report, where the industry turns to gain insight into the latest threat landscape trends
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