For more than 28 years, Dell has empowered countries, communities, customers and people everywhere to use technology to realize their dreams. Customers trust us to deliver technology solutions that help them do and achieve more, whether they’re at home, work, school or anywhere in their world. Learn more about our story, purpose and people behind our customer-centric approach.
Dell delivers comprehensive solutions to help you identify the appropriate technologies and services to manage your risk, regardless of the resources available to manage security. This multilayered approach organizes security into solutions that help protect your assets, comply with regulations and ultimately help you reduce security costs.



Dell offers a wide range of laptops with ultra convenience at an extremely affordable price. Dell laptops, including the lightweight portable netbooks, have gained worldwide popularity among travellers, students and business professionals. Dell laptop and notebook computers have become the epitome of mobile convenience. Among Dell’s large selection of laptop computers, there is a size, colour, weight, and speed that can fit your needs and lifestyle. Get your Dell Laptop today by contacting us and we will help you customize your dream laptop. Check for the latest offers on our extensive product line, including laptop deals. Visit:


The pioneer of the built-to-order home computer, Dell remains the number one choice for purchasers of home computers. Dell has achieved great success with their resellers to ensure efficient sales and more importantly, support of their desktops to the end user.
Dell offers a number of technologies that put their products aside from the rest. Its XPS line in particular is compelling if you’re looking to build up on a cutting edge desktop. The XPS 600 remains one of the most full-featured desktops currently available, and the XPS 400 and XPS 200 each bring modern features such as the new heat- and noise-sensitive BTX form factor and the Windows Media Center 2005 operating system. For the latest information on Dell Desktops, visit:


If you’re a small business owner with multiple computers, it is probably time to consider investing in a server. Servers help keep your data secure and organized and will help you run your business more efficiently. Servers provide your business with a single solution for:
Centralized email management
Consolidated internet connectivity
Internal website development
Remote access monitoring
Mobile device support
File and printer sharing
Backup and restore
…to name just a few.
Choosing the right server solution starts with understanding how the server will be used. What type of applications will it be running? How critical are these functions to your company?
To view Dell’s broad range of servers, visit:


Protec t your hardware investment
PowerConnect switches not only provide the quality, reliability and capability you expect from Dell, but also the peace of mind that guarantees Basic Hardware for life with a Lifetime Limited Warranty1. It guarantees Basic Hardware Service (hardware repair or replacement) for as long as you own your PowerConnect 2800 Series switch.
Incredible value, flexible management capabilities and an energy-conscious design make this ideal for businesses, branch offices, schools and retail establishments with small networks. Fanless design is well-suited for quiet office environments.
To view the range of switches Dell has to offer, visit:

Dell Financial Services

Do you need financial support with regards to assets in your business? Dell Financial Services offers a comprehensive range of financial alternatives to meet your needs.
Rental has become a smart business option in the ever changing technology era, with assets depreciating which becomes expensive to your business due to frequent replacing occurring.
Purchasing of equipment frequently results in a drastic increase in debt, thus it makes financial sense to rent rather than buy equipment.
With Dell Financial Services, you can rent all your IT equipment. This includes hardware, software, extended service payments and even a percentage of non-Dell products. The idea behind this is to give you competitive rates with you being able to precisely budget for fixed payments.
Managing your available capital is critical to your business’ success. As business technology evolves, knowing you have a single, reliable technology advisor can help you focus on growth.
We’re experts at leasing and financing the thousands of IT products your business needs to succeed. Our payment products give you flexibility when managing cash flow and we’ll work with you to customize a payment solution that works as hard as you do.
We make financing easy:
Access to larger lines of credit
Build your business credit profile
Reserve cash for daily business needs

Financing Options:

Business Leasing:

Businesses rely on a wide variety of technology. Dell Financial Services can customize a technology leasing solution that is built for your business.
Lease programs are a stale of IT financing. More and more companies are discovering the many advantages:

Cash flow management.

You could tie up your resources in equipment acquisitions or bank loans. Or you could lease through Dell Financial Services, which allows you to pay for your equipment in low, budgeted payments while retaining your cash for investing in higher return opportunities.

Potential tax benefits.

Certain finance structures may allow monthly payments to be treated as deductible operating expenses. Consult your tax advisor for additional details.

Total cost of ownership.

According to IDC, organizations using leasing, rather than buying and operating PCs for an extended lifecycle, could potentially REDUCE costs by as much as 24%.
Call your account manager today and let’s build together.

Dell Business Credit

Dell Business Credit  (DBC) is a revolving line of credit that gives you the purchasing power to update your technology with instant ownership and no annual fees or pre-payment penalties. Using DBC allows your business to make IT purchases based on your technology timeline and allows you to leverage your other lines of credit for non-technology purchases. Empower your business today!

Key advantages include:

Dedicated technology line of credit designed specifically for your business needs
Access to larger lines of credit
Exclusive access to low-rate offers
Improved cash flow with low monthly payments
Instant equipment ownerships
Helps build your business credit profile
No pre-payment penalties
Online account management
Use the preferred option to complement financial stability in your business. Rentals ensure that your business is kept up to date with technology trends and give you the power to optimize your budgets.
Simplify your IT procurement with Dell Financial Services today.
Click here to apply for Dell Business Credit
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