HP is one of the most well known computer manufacturers globally. HP laptops are one of the many products that HP provides. These laptops have been produced with convenience in mind along with state of the art features and functions. Each laptop offers different levels of functionality and pricing to suit your individual needs. These ‘work from home’ devices offer the best digital solutions to you whilst allowing you to create and enjoy multimedia experiences. All products have been created to all user elements, from beginner to intermediate and advanced users.
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Like most large PC vendors, Hewlett Packard uses a broad variety of internal component manufacturers to supply them with everything from desktop and laptop motherboards to video and network cards.
Desktops range from basic to advanced and you are able to choose the best product to suit your needs. Desktops contain the latest AMD processor technology and advanced graphics. You can have peace of mind that your data is always secure with enterprise-class security and desktops include a strong lifecycle and reliable warranty.
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Is your business ready for a server? Get help assessing your business needs and find out.
Before you start, get familiar with the different types of servers:
Tower Servers are ideal for small, remote or branch office environments, and offer maximum in-chassis flexibility and all-inclusive server or storage solutions.
Rack Servers are ideal for data centres and use with external storage. They offer maximum computing power in a space-saving design.
Blade Servers are ideal for data centres and use with external storage, and offer maximum computing power space, power and cooling saving designs.
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Connect securely, remotely, and locally to your servers.
A network switch is a fundamental piece of equipment in enterprise technology. In Ethernet, a switch is a must-have for an efficient and trouble-free LAN setup. A user must recognize some of the traits common to most network switches, particularly Ethernet, as well as how to best work with them.
Switches can learn how to direct traffic. The switch remembers the hardware address of the sender and the recipient, as well as keep statistics about traffic that is successfully received. There are different switches from basic to advanced, depending on your business needs. In essence, HP switches are designed to make a network faster by directing traffic in a logical way.
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