For Business 1-50 Employees

Kaspersky Small Office Security 5 for Desktops, Mobiles and File Servers

Protection while you work.

Kaspersky Small Office Security is designed for businesses running 5-25 computers, some servers and mobile devices. It works out-of-the-box and is managed from one easy-to-use cloud-based console – no IT skills are needed to use our powerful security tools and monitor security from any connected device you choose.
Kaspersky protect you from online attacks, ransomware and data loss.

For Business 51+ Employees

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business
Discover the IT security & IT management benefits of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business

Kaspersky Endpoint Security | Cloud

Strong on protection. Easy on management.

Developed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud lets you manage security for multiple endpoints, mobile devices and file servers remotely, from anywhere.

  • One simple, intuitive cloud-based console combines ease of use with powerful cybersecurity tools and management features
  • Manage security for multiple endpoints, mobile devices and file servers remotely, from anywhere, with our user-friendly cloud-based console
  • No additional hardware needed – because the management console is hosted in the cloud, Kaspersky Lab has already taken care of infrastructure for you
  • Powerful protection from the world’s most tested, most awarded security

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business | Advanced

World-class security – extended IT management

  • Extended systems management functionality
  • Vulnerability assessment & patch management
  • Multi-layered security – including encryption
  • Web Control, Application Control, Device Control
  • Mobile security and management
  • Centralised management of security & systems

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business | Select

Endpoint protection, controls & mobile security

  • Advanced security for workstations & file servers
  • Multi-layer mobile security and management
  • Application Control, Device Control & Web Control
  • Centralised management console for all functions

Kaspersky Total Security for Business

Ultimate security & systems management solution

  • Protects against known, unknown & advanced threats
  • Secures laptops, desktops, servers & mobile devices
  • Identifies vulnerabilities & distributes patches
  • Delivers extended systems management capabilities
  • Secures your Web gateway, email & collaboration

Targeted Security Solutions

Targeted Security Solutions offer a cost-effective way to put Kaspersky technologies precisely where you need them.

Standalone protection for:

Security for Mail Server
For Exchange, Linux & Lotus Domino
Security for File Server
For Windows & Linux
Security for Mobile
Security & management for mobile devices
Security for Internet Gateway
Secure Internet access for your employees
Security for Virtualisation
Protect your virtual infrastructure
Security for Collaboration
Protection for Microsoft SharePoint
Systems Management
Extended manageability & IT security
Security for Storage
Security for Network Attached Storages
Fraud Prevention
Comprehensive, multi-layered security for online and mobile banking
DDoS Protection
Complete cloud-based defense against DDoS attacks

For Enterprise 1000+ Employees

Kaspersky Security Solutions for Enterprise

Endpoint Security

To deliver zero-second protection against unknown and advanced threats and effective detection of targeted attacks, Kaspersky Lab technologies and threat intelligence continually evolves to protect your business from even the latest, most sophisticated threats, including exploits. This protection is further enhanced by powerful control and data protection tools:

Application Control

Fully automated Application Control with Dynamic Whitelisting and Default Deny mode significantly minimizes the risk of exposure to zero-day attacks.

Device Control

Full-featured Device Control helps you protect your systems and data by giving you control over which devices are allowed to access your network.

Data Encryption

Data encryption with highly integrated security policies that can be aligned with application and device controls protects your data if devices or files are lost or stolen.


Kaspersky Security for Virtualization provides a single solution to secure both virtual servers and VDI. Because it supports all the most commonly used platforms – including VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V and KVM – Kaspersky Security for Virtualization is ideal for heterogeneous environments. The solution offers two different approaches to specialized virtualization security – both of which can be run simultaneously on different parts of your infrastructure.

One Security Virtual Appliance per host performs malware scanning of all VMs.

Light Agent
A lightweight security agent on each VM significantly boosts protection.

Single Console
A single console means that physical and virtual machines, and mobile devices, can all be managed together

Mobile Security

Kaspersky Lab solutions help to keep Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices secure and managed*. Multi-layer protection – including our cloud-assisted technology and Kaspersky Security Network – defend smartphones & tablets against the latest cyber threats, e.g. Trojans, phishing attacks and much more. Kaspersky Mobile Security solution also helps you apply security policies & settings across almost all devices, e.g. Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone devices. Furthermore, if a mobile device is lost or stolen, anti-theft functions help you prevent access to corporate data. Remotely operated features let you block access to data & apps on the device, wipe data and find the device’s location.
*Not all features are available on every mobile platform.

Mobile Security
Our mobile security technologies deliver multi-layered defense against the latest mobile threats plus a whole host of anti-theft features that can be operated remotely.

Mobile Application Management
Control tools – together with ‘app wrapping’ containerization – help to secure corporate data and systems and provide efficient BYOD security policy.

Mobile Device Management
By enabling access to different platforms’ MDM functions – via a single interface – our solution saves time and makes it easier to roll out unified mobile security policies

Anti Targeted Attacks

Kaspersky multi-layered approach helps businesses to implement an adaptive security strategy
Kaspersky Lab is a pioneer in helping businesses to adapt their security strategies – to defend against advanced threats and targeted attacks.
With a unique combination of technologies and services – all underpinned by world-leading security intelligence – Kaspersky help organizations to mitigate the risks, detect targeted attacks at an earlier stage, deal with live attacks and improve protection against future attacks.

PREVENT – reduce the risk of advanced threats and targeted attacks
‘Harden’ your systems – by using integrated security solutions and tools
Ensure your employees and security team are aware of threats and IT security trends

DETECT – identify activities that could signal a targeted attack
Discover existing security breaches and attempts to penetrate your network
Confirm security incidents, assess severity and prioritize your response

RESPOND – close security gaps and investigate attacks
Take immediate action – to mitigate the consequences of a ‘live’ attack
Conduct investigations – including deep-level forensic processes

PREDICT – where and how new targeted attacks could attack
Assess potential security gaps – across your corporate network
Adapt your defenses – to guard against future threats

DDoS Protection

To defend your business against DDoS attacks, you need a solution that detects attacks as rapidly as possible. Kaspersky DDoS Protection fights attacks on two fronts: via DDoS intelligence and Kaspersky’s special defense infrastructure. Our security intelligence team uses sophisticated methods to monitor the DDoS threat landscape to stay ahead of the criminals – so Kaspersky can achieve earlier detection of DDoS attacks. In addition, Kaspersky use a combination of on-site & off-site technologies to protect your business.

Security for Data Centres

Business continuity is critical, so repelling cyber attacks is vital to your Data Center. Securing two key technologies– storage systems and virtualized infrastructure – can significantly reduce the risk of a cyber-incident resulting in damaging and expensive downtime.

Special Care for Virtualized Infrastructures

Protection for all of the most common hypervisors + preserving consolidation ratios.

Resilient Security for Storage Infrastructure
Protection for a wide range of storage systems without impacting performance.

Enterprise-level Manageability
Management of all Data Center security technologies from one centralized console.

Platform Coverage

Kaspersky Lab security solutions are designed to protect key Data Center technologies without impacting performance. Kaspersky secure most common hypervisors, including VMware, Microsoft, Citrix and KVM while helping you to achieve high consolidation ratios. In addition to dedicated security for virtual environments, Kaspersky also provide a solution to protect Network Attached Storage (NAS) and corporate file servers.

Fraud Prevention

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention proactively protects against the root causes of digital banking fraud. It secures digital transactions, without damaging the customer experience:

  • Adds multi-channel security for digital banking & payments
  • Helps protect 100% of users – regardless of device
  • Delivers ‘frictionless’ security, for a smoother user experience
  • Offer high margin services – without security concerns
  • Deliver more functionality & differentiate your brand
  • Boost customer retention & win new customers

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention Clientless Engine

Provides server-side technologies that protect 100% of your user base… no matter what device or platform your customers are using, Kaspersky prevent infected devices accessing your systems.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention Mobile SDK

Protects mobile banking & payments apps on Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. It safeguards customers’ account information and secures customer communications with your bank.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention for Endpoints

Runs on your customers’ Windows PCs and Mac computers, to provide powerful protection root-cause prevention against malware and Internet-based attacks.

Industrial Cyber Security

When Kaspersky developed our industrial cybersecurity solution, Kaspersky put process availability above everything else. Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity is specifically designed to protect complex industrial environments that contain a diverse range of proprietary systems. It’s a highly flexible security solution that can be tailored to each installation’s unique needs. After completion of a full audit of your systems infrastructure, professional services personnel will design the optimum configuration of our security technologies and services.
Our solution delivers a logical, incremental path to comprehensive industrial cybersecurity, from people through to processes and technologies:

•Application Control

Education and awareness development for C-level executives, IT, IT security and engineers

•Device Control

Kaspersky provide the full cycle of security services: from vulnerability assessment to incident response

•Data Encryption

Kaspersky Lab has developed specialized, unique products to protect technological processes and data


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