MAAS 360

Simplifying mobile device management. MaaS360 lets you provision, secure and manage today’s expanding suite today’s expanding suite of all mobile devices from a single portal while minimizing risk to the enterprise.

Secure your Devices

MaaS360 provides multi-platform support across iOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry, and Windows Phone as well as Windows and Mac laptops. All these devices can be managed through a single console accessed anywhere from the Internet through a web browser.

Leverage the Cloud

Because MaaS360 is a SaaS solution, it does not require you to install servers, deal with complex configurations, or provide ongoing maintenance. Deployment is quick and easy, and in just a few clicks, you get instant visibility and control.

Embrace Mobility

The mobile market changes fast and employees demand the latest and greatest technology. With MaaS360, you can stay ahead of the curve and embrace technology trends such as employee-owned devices, mobile apps or the latest smartphone or tablet to hit the market.

Instant Enterprise Mobility

MaaS360 is delivered as a true SaaS solution for mobility with comprehensive enterprise device and application management capabilities. This approach leverages the agility of the cloud to meet the pace of change in mobility. MaaS360 is instantly available, automatically updated, and provides unmatched affordability.

Web-Based Management Console

MaaS360 provides a single console for managing device enrolment, configuring compliance rules and alerts, setting up and assigning policies, viewing interactive dashboards and reports, and conducting advanced searches.

Enterprise Infrastructure Integration

The MaaS360 Cloud Extender seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure such as Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Lotus Notes Traveller, Blackberry Enterprise Server, Active Directory, and any required certificate authorities.

Advanced Device Integration

MaaS360 also offers advanced management and security capabilities for iPhones, iPads, and Androids, as well as Windows and Mac based laptops and desktops using a lightweight agent or management profiles.

Mobile Device Management

Every organization needs to see and control the mobile devices entering their enterprise, whether they are provided by the company or part of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. MaaS360 mobile device management (MDM) is the fastest, most comprehensive way to make that happen.
As a fully integrated cloud platform, MaaS360 simplifies MDM with rapid deployment, and comprehensive visibility and control that spans across mobile devices, applications, and documents. MaaS360 supports all devices including the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Kindle Fire.
How it works:

Rapidly Enroll Mobile Devices

MaaS360 MDM streamlines the platform set-up and device enrollment process to make life simple for IT and employees.

Integrate Mobile Devices with Enterprise Systems

The MaaS360 Cloud Extender makes integration easy. You have no need for on-premises servers or network reconfigurations.

Centrally Manage Mobile Devices

MaaS360 provides a unified console for smartphones and tablets with centralized policy and control across multiple platforms.

Proactively Secure Mobile Devices

Dynamic security and compliance features continuously monitor devices and take action.

Streamline Mobile Device Management Support

MaaS360 helps you diagnose and resolve device, user or app issues in real time.

Monitor and Report on Mobile Devices

Mobility Intelligence™ (MI) dashboards deliver an interactive, graphical summary of your operations and compliance, allowing IT to report in real-time across the entire enterprise.

Mobile App Management

The next wave of enterprise mobility is upon us.  It’s no longer just about email, calendar, and contacts.  Mobile apps are unleashing the true potential of smartphones and tablets for organizations of all sizes, boosting productivity and customer satisfaction.  With this insatiable demand for apps, IT needs a comprehensive set of capabilities to distribute, update, manage, and secure them on both personal and corporate-owned mobile devices.
MaaS360 simplifies mobile application management by delivering an easy to use enterprise app catalog with full operational and security lifecycle management of apps across mobile device platforms.
• Enterprise App Catalogs for iOS and Android Devices
• Web-based Management Console
• Mobile App Lifecycle Management
• Mobile App Security & Compliance Management
• Mobile Cloud API & Software Development Kit
• Mobile App Distribution Cloud
• Volume Purchase Program

Secure Document Sharing

Employees demand access to content anytime, anywhere, from their mobile devices. For companies, however, this introduces significant compliance risks if the proper controls to protect this information are not in place. Organizations of all sizes need a simple, scalable way to distribute, manage and secure documents on smartphones and tablets.
MaaS360 empowers your users by giving them access to business documents on mobile devices while providing total manageability and control. Each document can have its own security policy and be distributed to all users, groups, or individual devices, creating a highly personalized and compliant experience for each employee. And with workgroup-oriented roles, it’s easy for Marketing, Sales, Operations and Finance departments to use MaaS360’s secure mobile document sharing capabilities with optimized workflows and reporting.

Why use MaaS360 for securing documents?

The need to securely distribute corporate information to mobile employees is essential. With MaaS360 it’s easy to set up and control how documents are distributed and managed, allowing employees to work on the go while protecting corporate information. The use cases are endless:
Distribute quarterly financial documents to the Board of Directors.
Update the product and marketing materials in real-time to sales teams so they don’t need to scramble to find the latest data sheet or competitive information.
Share company-wide information such as training materials, emergency information, and HR policies.
Ensure tablets in retail stores have the most up-to-date product and inventory information.

Mobile Expense Management

MaaS360 for mobile expense management enables organizations to set corporate-wide expense policies, and to proactively monitor and track mobile data and application usage. Enterprises can now optimize their mobile spend and shift the accountability more to the business and individual employees.
MaaS360 provides IT, Finance and Operations with a secure, web-based console for managing wireless plans, data usage trends and policies without the need to deploy additional hardware or professional services. Delivered through the cloud, MaaS360 for mobile expense management makes it simple to access to real-time mobility intelligence, while increasing ROI with optimization strategies and cost control measures.

MaaS360 for mobile expense management provides:

• Policies based on specific groups: Granular level policies can be set for both corporate-owned and employee-owned devices.
• Policies restricting or limiting roaming: Enterprises can tie into their mobile device management (MDM) policies and restrict data usage based on context such as international roaming devices.
• Usage monitoring, tracking and alerting: Administrator can set limits and alerts, and can view real-time data usage. Users can receive alerts to create behavior modification.
• Extensive reporting capabilities: Administrators can visualize usage across multiple attributes, analyze trending reports on usage over time and capture exception reporting.

Maas360 in 3 minutes:

Does Mobile Device Management (MDM) seem complicated? It doesn’t have to be that way.
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