Mimecast unified email management overview

Mimecast Unified Email Management (UEM) amplifies the benefits of our email security, continuity and archiving solutions – by delivering them as a single, tightly integrated, cloud-based service managed from a central, web-based administration console.
It radically simplifies the notoriously complex world of email management by removing the need to deploy, integrate and manage multiple third party systems –leaving you with a lean, high performance Exchange server to manage.

Mimecast UEM Express

The only email management solution to offer fully unified email security and continuity services.
Mimecast UEM Express offers complete, seamless integration between security and continuity services, to deliver continuous email security and DLP policy enforcement – even during outages. Customers selecting UEM Express can easily add Mimecast’s archiving services to the package in future.

Mimecast UEM Enterprise

Mimecast UEM Enterprise builds on the UEM Express service, adding powerful archiving to the mix. As well as ensuring that email availability and security are maintained during outages, UEM Enterprise delivers tight integration between:
Security and continuity: Unified email security and continuity services ensure that security and DLP policies are consistently enforced – even during outages.
Archiving and security: In the event of a security breach, this can provide context and help establish whether a data leak was accidental or malicious.
Continuity and archiving: To ensure that administrators and end-users enjoy uninterrupted access to the entire email archive, even during an outage.
Purpose-built, high performance secure cloud platform
Our own unique, purpose-built, high performance grid allows us to provide unparalleled security, reliability, integrity and performance to our customers. Unlike our competitors, we have built our system from the ground up, rather than bolting together separate applications that have been acquired, or integrated from third parties.

Mimecast email security overview

As the range of email threats has grown, systems for email security and encryption have become ever more complex. Businesses have to spend far too much time and money trying to secure email systems; resources that would be better directed at core business operations.
Mimecast Email Security provides the most comprehensive, cloud-based email risk mitigation available in the market today – that’s why we are CRN Security Vendor of the Year.
Backed by stringent availability and security SLAs, along with flexible email encryption options, it cuts cost and complexity, removing threats in the cloud to reduce your risks and improve overall email server performance. It is also built to ensure you can meet data security and privacy obligations governing everything from health information to payment card processing information in emails.
We protect against inbound and outbound email-borne threats. This includes malware, spam, phishing, DHA & DDoS attacks, deliberate or accidental data leaks, outages, and social engineering attacks.

End user benefits:

No more unwanted email
Interactive email quarantine digests from Outlook
Minimal administration for users
User-invoked secure email communication

Mimecast email archiving overview

Email archiving is a critical requirement for every organisation, but it’s more than just email storage for the sake of record keeping and compliance. The smart buyer goes for an email archive solution that really works for you.
Mimecast Email Archive cuts the cost and complexity of secure, accessible email archiving. It gives your users instant access to every email they’ve ever sent or received and it gives you central control of email retention policies.
As much storage as you need, whenever you need it. No more email backups.
Our cloud-based platform stores all your email – internal and external – in a highly secure and resilient archive, giving you as much space as you need. We charge by the number of users and offer a default ten-year storage period, so you get predictable storage costs. We also retain data for all employees past and present.

The result is:

Reduced costs to store email
A lighter load for your Exchange server
Greater productivity – with staff able to access archived email in real-time and without the need for technical support
No more user deletion or employees hoarding emails in PSTs
Your business need never risk losing important data due to server, storage, budgetary, or mailbox constraints.

End user benefits:

Bottomless mailboxes for end users
Personal email archive access from MS Outlook via our standard MS Outlook interface
‘Drag and drop’ between Outlook and Mimecast archive
Near real-time search
Familiar personal folder structures presented in our secure webmail interface
Anytime, anywhere access to archived email through Mimecast Mobile Access

Mimecast email continuity overview

Email has become the most critical form of business communication, yet it’s not always as reliable as it is important. Businesses can no longer afford outage for any length of time.
Mimecast Email Continuity delivers always-on, seamless email availability through automatic service failover and failback in near real-time during an email outage. It integrates so seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook that your employees will just carry on using email safely and securely – whether the email outage is planned or not.
An essential part of your business continuity plan, Mimecast Email Continuity is the only cloud-based solution that steps in automatically to deliver email to end users during planned and unplanned outages of your Microsoft email service. Managed from a single administration console, and with no additional on-premise hardware required, Mimecast simplifies your network and reduces administration.

Mobile Overview

Mimecast Mobile Access increases employee productivity and responsiveness. It gives end users access to their entire personal email archive from their smartphones and supports continued access to email when primary email systems are unavailable.


Mimecast Mobile Access gives iPhone users access to their Mimecast email archive, including the ability to search for archived email using basic and advanced filters:
Users can search their Mimecast personal archive
Search categories include attachment name, type and content, as well as email message content and metadata
Users can view, reply, reply all and forward messages directly from their Mimecast archive using the built-in mail app on the iPhone “Online Inbox” and “Online Sent Items” allow users to view all received and sent email on their iPhone

Simple set-up?

The Mimecast iPhone App is available as a free download from the iTunes App Store. Users simply download the App and configure it with their Mimecast service email address and password. Provided that the appropriate license is in place, Mimecast administrators can then activate users’ Mimecast Mobile Access from within the Mimecast Administration Console. View supported iOS versions.


Mimecast Mobile Access is the only solution to integrate directly with the BlackBerry email application, providing the simplest archive search on the market from a mobile device:
Users do not have to launch another application or go to a web page to find information within their email archive.
Single click search shortcuts make it easy to find emails with similar subjects or messages from the same sender.
Search results are presented with the standard BlackBerry email application look and feel.
Tight integration means users can read, reply and forward emails via the native BlackBerry email application.
Users retain 100% SLA-backed access to email even when the BlackBerry Enterprise Server or associated network infrastructure fails.

Simple set up

Mimecast’s BlackBerry smartphone application is deployed via BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). BlackBerry smartphones connect directly to Mimecast to search and access a user’s email archive. View supported BlackBerry software versions.

Flexible and cost effective

Mimecast’s Mobile Access licensing scheme enables organizations to give their employees access to business applications through their business or personal smartphones. It allows users to change between mobile devices easily, or indeed access their Mimecast personal archive from multiple devices, without the cost and complexity of managing multiple licenses for different device types.
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