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Managed Endpoint Security Services

Companies lose millions in U.S. Dollars every day due to catastrophe, such as a failed server, natural disasters, vicious and malicious attacks, etc. and not having their data properly backed up and stored. In many instances, this is due to a lack of skills and resources, as there are many finer details involved with having reliable and restorable backups available, than simply flicking a switch.

Often a backup job may fail due to network failure, lack of drive/disk space, or any one a million and one small issues, but if they are not being monitored, this could go on for a long time before it is finally picked up. Most often, it is too late by that time.

Other factors that tend to increase the difficulty of managing backups include configuration settings that are not updated, unstructured backup processes, lack of redundancy multi-platform environments and dissimilar hardware. For example, one cannot backup a Virtual Server the same way as a physical and you most definitely cannot use the same license for a Physical Server as for a Virtual Host, yet, unfortunately many organisations do just that to save costs, but end up paying a lot more when they need to recover that data.

With DataTegra’s Managed Backup Services, we not only take care of your Backups, but we offer off-site, cloud-based backup storage too and can (as an additional add-on service) also provision our clients for a Virtual Server to be fired-up immediately after a disaster has happened, in order to allow almost immediate access to business critical data, whilst recovery is taking place, allowing business to continue as usual.

The Restore Capabilities of our Backup Services also allow for Dissimilar Hardware Restore, Cross-Platform restoration and can also perform Cross-Platform data restore. And finally, even though backups might have run successfully, it does not mean that the data can successfully be restored every time, which is why it is recommended that data validation occurs on a regular basis. As this would normally require a full restore in order to ensure that the data can be recovered successfully, with our Managed Backup Services, we do perform periodic data validation for you, thereby confirming that the data can in fact be recovered when most needed.